Wood Carvings



12"h x 5"w


Remember the tune "When the red, red Robin comes bob, bob, bobbing along"?  The Robin is certainly a welcome sight as Spring arrives in our area.  They seem like old friends as they sprint and then stop in the yard, carefully tilt their head and quickly come up with a morsel for their palate.  Robins are located throughout North America and while it was originally a bird of the forest, they now flourish in modern, suburban areas.  The adult is dark gray above with a brick-red breast and white lower belly.  The males have dark heads & tails.


Price $1,800

California quail are located in Washington and Oregon as well as California. They run thru our yard with their top knots bobbing and we see large quantities at Lake Chelan where we like to vacation. A particular treat is to see one with their chicks. In this presentation, the chicks are "doing their own thing" as dad tries to decide on what to do next. Their top knot is really a single feather with the barbs on either side of the quill folded upward. They first appear to be just a blue/gray bird but they have some wonderful chest and underside feathers. In addition they have a necklace of white spots that is outstanding.

"Coopers Hawk" Full Size

24"h x 8"w

Price: $1,500

In days past, the Cooper's was the most numerous of hawks, frequently referred to as the "chicken hawk" because of their ferocity in catching chickens from poultry farmers.  They have short wings and long tails for sudden spread, quick checking and rapid deceleration.  They maneuver with ease and safety in dense growth or a maze of branches that would make hunting dangerous for another kind of raptor.  The hawks have a slate colored back, light colored chest and heavily barred tail.  

"Rufous Hummingbird"

10"h x 4"w

Price: $300

This is a small, pugnacious western hummingbird that differs from others in North America in having brown-orange coloring on much of its body.  While mainly having a brown tone, young males have green feathers on the head and portions of the back and side areas.  They have a red throat and the buzzing of male's wings can be heard in gardens throughout the northwest during the breeding season. The rufous is a small hummingbird and, like other of this smallest of bird species, has the ability to fly backwards as well as hover and fly vertically. 

"Black Capped Chickadee"

10"h x 4"w

Price: $600

If you have ever seen a chickadee at your feeder or in the yard, then it has probably become a favorite of yours.  They are such a perky, active and distinctive little bird and they certainly thrive in the trees, orchards and thickets of the Northwest.  They are from the Titmouse family, having a jerky sort of flight, and are acrobatic generalists.  Most of our chickadees in this area are of two types, the Black Capped Chickadee and the Chestnut Back Chickadee.  They are very similar except the Black Capped Chickadee has a blue/gray back and the other is brown.

"Black Chinned Hummingbird"

10"h x 4"w

Price: $300

The smallest of birds, the hummingbird is an incredibly versatile flyer, with wingbeats so rapid that the wings are a blur.  They are unique in their ability to fly backwards as well as hover and fly vertically.  The long needle shaped bill is designed to reach into flowers and extract the nectar.  The black-chinned hummingbird breeds in the West, has been see in the Puget Sound area during the summers, and winters in Mexico.  Males have a green back and black chin bordered below by an iridescent purple-violet throat. 



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