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24"h x 29"w

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This carving is a Peregrine Falcon with a full wing spread. Peregrine Falcons have a great pattern of color that is only visible when the wings are extended. The carving features lots of motion including an open mouth and appears to be ready to take flight.

Peregrine Falcons are one of the most widely distributed birds in the world, found just about everywhere including Whidbey Island. They have always been the most popular bird among falconers. There are three types of Peregrines in the U.S., one located in the Northwest coast area and it is the darkest of the three types. Thet are among the fastest birds in the world, reaching speeds op to 200 mph when in a stoop in pursuit of prey.


price to be determined

This carving of a Mallard Drake leaping out of the water has lots of action in it. Both the bird and the water are in motion. Mallard Drakes are one of the most recognizable of ducks and seeing them leaping out of the water is a real treat.

The photo shows the bird and water splash after being carved but before the molds are made. The water will be cast in clear resin for the original painted carved bird. Both the water and bird will be cast in bronze.

Other Birds

Ed is constantly working on new birds and will also carve birds to order.
Photos and prices will be provided upon request.
Send an email and Ed will provide you with the latest information.


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