About The Artist

Ed Bennett was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. His love of and respect for birds has led him to spend many years developing refined and descriptive bird-carving techniques. He specializes in creating detailed features for every bird, including the carving of the particular texture of each feather. "Birds, like people, are different from each other and their differences are expressed by unique detail features and personality". He uses Tupelo wood for his carvings, a wood from the southern US. Tupelo is a wood that can hold fine detail and has amazing strength.
Once the detailed carving is complete, he paints the original wood using extremely thin layers of acrylic paint. The purpose of this process is dual: they do not fill in the intricate detail of the carving, and they create a complex, lifelike color scheme.
He selects certain carvings to be cast in bronze. He works with a foundry specializing in art sculptures. Ed's larger bronze birds are created in limited editions. The bronzes are finished in traditional broze or with interesting colors. They provide an exceptional value for buyers.


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